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​ is the home of Hover Cat aka Bullet Cat. Check out more than 50 Hover Cat "lolcat" and other photo mash-ups, and get a really cool T Shirt!



The Original Hover Cat

Big Cheese, Tony Goldfeathers, Bullet Cat -- whatever you want to call him -- my cat has become an on-line celebrity, having starred in many "lolcats" mash-up photos and animated gifs. Check out more than 50 of these in the Fan Art Page.

I took this photo while I was laying on my stomach in my backyard, with a Nikon D1H and a 70-200 2.8. 

Back in 2008 I posted the image on Flickr, and someone Photo-shopped his legs off and called him Hover Cat. Now the internet has turned my cat into the "#1 funniest hover animal"!

- Brian Hendrickson